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     Hydrogen fluoride-pyridin...
     Triethylamine trihydroflu...
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    The company consists of technology dev...... 2013-07-20
    The companies involved in the followin... 2013-07-20
    The company is the only mass productio...... 2013-07-20
    Welcome to our website, we will be hap... 2013-07-20
    Warmly celebrate the company new websi... 2013-07-20
      Nanjing Atuo Chemical Engineering Tech. Co.,Ltd.is a comprehensive researching, manufacturing and trading enterprise specialized in the R&D, production and sales of pharmaceutical and chemical products, special customized chemicals as well as technical services. Our company is involved in the following areas: pharmaceutical APIs...  
      Nanjing Atuo Chemical Engineering Tech. Co.,Ltd.
    Add:Gulou District Zhongyang Road 399, Tianzheng Building 5, 649, Nanjing
    Tel:+86-25-85323833                                                       Fax: +86-25-85351163
    Contact:  Pan Hengliang                                                  Cell phone: +86-18994049379
    Email: phl@atuochem.com                                             Url: www.erqly.cn
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